Are Shopify Themes Profitable?

Yes, Shopify themes can be very profitable, but this largely depends on the quality of the theme, and marketing.

The best paid Shopify themes share a common pattern and these do exceedingly well in making money online. You must determine why and how other themes sell well, in doing so will give you a head start versus the many other theme builders that fail.

The most common patterns are as follows:

  • Advanced configuration
  • Multiple layouts
  • Currency
  • Support
  • Updates

Whilst Shopify themes can be profitable, it’s like any other business, and is akin to fail where the vast majority of other new businesses fail - and that’s marketing. Regardless of the type of business, if your service, or product is not visible, then, unfortunately, theme sales with be slow and tough.

Once you’ve built a theme, you’ve understood the target market, demand, and have a loose marketing strategy in place, you can also leverage adding themes to ThemeForest, Template Monster, and the many other templating services.

The Takeaway

Before embarking on building themes as a business, understand the demand, target market, and how you’re going to market the theme(s).

Marketing will always be the stumbling block for many businesses around the world. Equip yourself with knowledge before spending that precious time building themes.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • Are Shopify themes profitable?

What next:

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