Can I Change Themes on Shopify?

Yes, you can change themes on Shopify, but you must proceed with caution and ensure that the customization and apps are reflected on the new theme.

Whilst it’s relatively straightforward to switch themes you must consider the customization and apps before changing. Meaning, any changes to the layout or bespoke features will not be applied to the theme you’ve changed to.

Shopify apps are no different, some apps may modify liquid fails. You’ll need to consult the Shopify app developers to confirm theme compatibility, and to ask what the reinstallation process looks like. A sanity check is worth a significant weight in gold.

It’s always worthwhile opting for paid Shopify themes that allows heavy customization and multiple layouts. Opting for such a theme voids you of the need to change themes frequently.

The Takeaway

Changing themes on Shopify is one of the major perks with Shopify. Having the ability to switch and chop makes it perfect for many budding entrepreneurs to leverage seasonal related themes, promotional themes, and much more.

But with anything that’s related to code, always aim to perform sanity checks, and ask questions about how Shopify apps react when changing themes.

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  • Can I change themes on Shopify?

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