Can I Use ThemeForest Themes on Shopify?

Yes, you can use ThemeForest themes on Shopify. Whilst the installation process is a little easier then using themes direct from Shopify, ThemeForest themes are cheaper and built with a high degree of professionalism, and a large collection to choose from.

If finding Shopify premium themes is your goal, then using a theme from ThemeForest should be on your list. Although, whilst you can use a theme from ThemeForest, there are a few notable areas you need to pay attention to.

1, Cost

Does the cost of the theme sit within your budget?

2, Responsiveness

Is the theme legible on smaller devices, as well as desktop browsers?

3, Support

Deciding whether to spend a little extra to purchase support.

4, Configuration

Does the theme have many layouts and digestible configurable options?

5, Installation process

Are you confident, or at least taking a moment to understand how to install a theme external to Shopify?

6, Reviews

Does the theme have reviews, and are they positive reviews?

If you’re happy with all of the above, and they’ve ticked the proverbial checklist, then go ahead and use a theme from ThemeForest.

To note: You can install a theme without it affecting the current live theme on your store.

ThemeForest ThemeForest

The Takeaway

Using themes from ThemeForest gives you a massive range of professionally created themes. Typically theme developers work incredibly hard to stand out, thus you’ll find it difficult to find one that is filled with bugs.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • Determining whether you can use ThemeForest themes on Shopify

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