Do Shopify Apps Work With All Themes?

Yes, Shopify apps are designed to work with all themes. However, you may encounter an app that may not quite work as expected due to theme compatibility issues.

Shopify apps a built by numerous developers around the world to extend, and add new functionality to the Shopify eco-system, but on occasion, a Shopify app may introduce issues, these issues generally stem from the theme itself, and not the app.

There are two types of public Shopify apps, the embedded app. which may modify your theme to extend functionality, and the other type of app is an external app. An external app redirects you to a self-hosted portal outside of Shopify.

Theme-related issues generally arise from embedded apps, but it’s important to note that it’s rare. Shopify apps are designed to work with all themes.

Also to note, some of the best free Shopify themes have outstanding positive feedback, thus you’ll find it incredibly difficult to hit a roadblock.

The Takeaway

Shopify apps are designed to work with all themes, but if you do encounter an issue, Shopify app developers are very responsive and reactive to such issues.

It’s worthwhile contacting app developers should you hit an issue. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a fix has been released.

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  • Do Shopify apps work with all themes?

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