Do Shopify Themes Update Automatically?

No, Shopify themes do not update automatically, but there are workarounds if you leverage source control to merge and push changes.

For the vast majority, and the less technically savvy, Shopify themes do not automatically update. If a new change to a theme is released, whether that be to adhere to Shopify standards, policies, and bug fixes, you’ll need to download and install the new release.

The process to get the latest Shopify theme updates is no different from how the original theme was installed. It’s imperative that when modifying or installing new themes, a backup of the current live theme is performed.

The Takeaway

Automatic updates can be achieved if you’re super technical and willing to self-host a theme with source control. However, this is out of reach for many store owners who simply install themes directly from the Shopify theme store, or using a third-party vendor like ThemeForest.

So, the takeaway, and again for the large majority, Shopify themes do not update automatically.

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  • Do Shopify themes update automatically?

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