How to do a Test Order on Shopify

Testing, testing, and more testing! It’s really the process to know if “something” is actually working. From time to time we get asked the questions of: “why is my post-purchase email not working?”, “Why are my changes not reflected?”, and “Why are my orders not showing?”

And our response? “Have you tested the flow?”.

The simple truth is if you don’t test you cannot capture problematic flows, bugs, and anything else besides.

What Industry Experts Have to Say About E-commerce Testing


“eCommerce testing can be defined as the process of testing various eCommerce website elements such as design, specifications, functionalities, pages, and features to check their sanity and ensure they’re not harming the performance of the site in any manner possible."

When done correctly and continuously, testing can not only improve your site visitors’ overall experience but significantly increase conversions as well. Mentioned below are some reasons explaining the importance of testing and optimizations”
- Source: VWO


"Ecommerce testing is simply the process of testing your ecommerce website and associated web apps. It can assist in identifying errors and problems and allow you to offer a smooth experience to your clients. The primary objective is to identify bugs and fix them to ensure quality and reliability."
- Source: Cloudways

What are The Different Types of eCommerce Testing

As with everything else in life, it’s not just “do one thing” and succeed, it’s usually a cluster of multiple that defines success. Below is a list of different types of eCommerce testing:

  • Browser compatibility
  • UI - User Interface
  • UX - User eXperience
  • Page content (Grammtical)
  • Availability - what happens if Shopify goes down
  • Transactions (Orders)
  • Shipping
  • Complaint handling
  • Page speed/Performance
  • Login & Logout flow
  • Language translators/currencies
  • On & Off page SEO
  • Response times to general queries

Why Test a Transaction on Shopify

Really? We shouldn't need to answer this, but since you’re here!

  • Would you expect to buy a car that was manufactured and sold without crash testing, and electrical testing?
  • Would you dropship a product without testing the product first?
  • How would you know that a post-purchase email was sent?!
  • How would know that orders are appearing on the dashboard?!
  • Why would you not want to know the exact flow your customers are going to take?!

The point here is that you cannot scale or understand problems without testing, and most certainly not without testing transaction flows.

We really have to stress that you must test every flow, every product, and every page.

One mistake is fine, two is suspect, but three, and it’s almost game-over for your store.

Below you’ll find steps on how to set up test payments, and actually how to do a test payment on Shopify.

How to Set up Test Payments on Shopify

Step 1: Login

Navigate to your admin login page and log in.

Shopify Login

Step 2: Settings

Navigate to the left side panel, scroll to the settings button and click

Shopify settings button

Step 3: Payments

Locate and click the payments button

Shopify payments button

Step 4: Payment Management

Here you'll be presented with one of the following images depending on what has been previously set, but either way you'll want to click the manage button.

Payment management existing test mode

Payment management activate

Payment management switch

Step 5: Enable Test Mode

Scroll or swipe to find the "enable test mode" and click save

Enable test mode

Step 6: Enable The Test Provider

Once you've saved from the previous step, click the "test payment provider" link in the notfication box.

Test payment provider

Step 7: Save the test provider

On this page you'll see one or more test providers, typically a default is set, if not select "bogus" and click save.

It's worth pointing out on this page you'll also find details on what should be entered when placing a dummy order.

You're now good to go to place a test order - read on to learn how to place a test order.

Shopify test paymayment setup

How to do a Test Order on Shopify

Step 1: Orders

Locate and click the orders button

Shopify orders button

Step 2: Create Order

On the orders page, locate and click the create order button

Shopify create order button

Step 3: Add a Product

Here you'll need to add a product to the test order - find one and add it.

Shopify add a product to a test order

Step 4: Add a Customer

Here you'll need to add a customer to the test order - find one and add it.

Shopify add a customer to a test order

Step 5: Collect Payment

Locate and click the collect payment button, you may be presented with one or more options, but here you'll want to click "enter credit card"

Shopify test order payment collection

Step 6: Enter Card Details

Depending on the credit card types, you'll want to enter bogus details (see: how to setup payments - step 7)

  • Card Number: "1"
  • Name on card: "some random name"
  • Expires: "Date in the future"
  • CVV (Security code): "111"

Submit the details!

Shopify enter card details

Step 7: Order Confirmation

A notifaction will appear confirming the order!

Shopify order confirmation

Step 8: Orders Page

Now go back to the orders page and confirm you can see the order on the page!

It's key to point out you can test various states of an order, from failed transaction, to success. Be sure to test all elements to ensure you're happy with the flow.

Shopify test paymayment setup

The Takeaway

Don't be the retailer that places zero effort on testing. Get to grips with every aspect of your business, understanding what can and will go wrong will only help to resolve the issue in the future.

Test, test, and more testing!

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • What Industry Experts Have to Say About E-commerce Testing
  • What are The Different Types of eCommerce Testing
  • Why Test a Transaction on Shopify
  • How to Set up Test Payments on Shopify
  • How to do a Test Order on Shopify

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