Is It Easy to Switch Shopify Themes?

Yes, it is easy to switch Shopify themes. Although you’ll need to consider the ramifications of doing so.

Whilst it’s easy to switch Shopify themes you have to rebuild any bespoke customization into the new theme. Customization simply refers to any work inside the theme code editor - meaning customizing HTML, CSS, and liquid changes.

Bespoke code does not transfer with switching themes. In an ideal when you’ve changed code, you’ve also created a change log to refer to, thus making it easier to reimplement logic.

Another consideration is embedded Shopify Apps. Apps that you’ve installed that modifies liquid files. Before switching themes always consult with the developers of the apps you’ve installed to ensure you can smoothly transition to a new theme.

The Takeaway

It’s easy to switch themes, but you must understand the level of work involved in reimplementing any logic that comes with switching themes.

Plan ahead, and consult with Shopify app developers should any app modify liquid files.

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  • Is it easy to switch Shopify themes?

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