What Are Shopify Themes Built In?

Shopify themes are built in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid. Each piece of technology in the stack plays a significant role and is instrumental in building themes.

  • HTML: is the backbone and dictates what is rendered on a website
  • CSS: is the visual element - how things look
  • Javascript: Can be defined as bringing animation and functionality to the browser
  • Liquid: Built by Shopify and is a templating language

All four of the above are required to build Shopify themes, alongside an appropriate IDE (code editor).

For most front-end developers, HTML, CSS, and JS are a given, but Liquid is the sticking point. Ensure to take the time to learn liquid before embarking on building themes.

The Takeaway

If building Shopify themes is on your agenda you must take the time to learn the tech stack thoroughly to build clean, cohesive Shopify themes.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • What are Shopify themes built in?

What next:

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