Subscription Box Management

We are Kanteneo, an AI system to help you manage inventory, product sourcing and the pick, pack and dispatch process.

No longer will you need to manage your inventory in spreadsheets, take photos of shipped boxes or any other legacy process.

KAI (Kanteneo AI) identifies exactly what to pick, pack and dispatch

It's All About Helping You Grow Your Business

AI Driven Pick And Pack Recommendations

Never use a spreadsheet, take a photo or use any other legacy process again. Kanteneo identifies what to pick, pack and dispatch.

Inventory Management

Inventory consumes many resources, in which results in lost revenue. Kanteneo manages all aspects of inventory, from stock to pricing.


We integrate with the most popular ecommerce platforms, from Shopify, WooCommerce and CrateJoy.

Save time and money with Kanteneo

We are phenomenally ambitious, we're building software to help you succeed. Our system will take the strain and remove any unnecessary admin tasks that consumes time and money.

Benefits you'll see using Kanteneo:

  • Easier fulfillment process
  • Save time and money
  • Less stress
  • Focus on growing your business

Whatever the challenge, we'll ensure you save time and money.

As we get closer to launching Kanteneo, we want you to be a part of our journey.

Join the waitlist and have your say on features we build!

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