Guest Post for Kanteneo? We're open to guest bloggers!

Great, we're glad you're here, but in order to guest post for us, you'll need to follow the guidelines below.

Getting Started

Before embarking on your masterpiece, please read all the guidelines below. We'll only publish content that adheres to the requirements listed.


We only accept complete content, meaning pitches and drafts will be rejected. All content will be checked for plagiarism, any content above 10% plagiarism will be rejected.

All content must be original and written from experience. Please supply social profiles and portfolios that demonstrate experience.


  • Ecommerce
  • SEO
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Shopify

Common reasons for rejection:

  • Poorly designed linking site
  • Linking site is a PBN
  • Author is not an expert
  • Blog post is off-topic
  • Linking site contains inappropriate ads
  • Author participates in SEO black-hat tactics
  • Authors social media accounts contain inappropriate content
  • Blog post contains plagiarism
  • Blog post is "spun" using an online service
  • Linking site contains inappropriate backlinks
  • Blog post is written for SEO and not the user/reader
  • Self-promotional

What You Need to Know

Word Count

Blog posts must be between 1500 – 2500 words, with paragraphs broken into bite-sized "chunks" for easier digestion.

The Tone, Style, and Voice

Kanteneo writes from experience, with confidence and clarity.

All content supplied must be straight to point, with no word stuffing, or keyword stuffing. Ensure the article flows well, with beginning, middle, and end. The reader must leave the page feeling satisfied.

Please ensure the content is written for the reader, and the blog post is fun and enjoyable to read, whilst being informative.

The content shall not be for self-promotional purposes.

Photos and Images

All photos and images must be owned by the author, or appropriate licenses obtained.

If an image is obtained from an external resource, a link must be embedded to give credit to the original source.

Outbound Links and Author Bio

To give credit to the author, Kanteneo requires up to 100 words to demonstrate the author's experience. A profile pic is also required to demonstrate transparency.

Bio requirements:

  • Up to 100 words
  • Profile pic
  • Link to LinkedIn

Maximum of two outbound links to the author's website, and must flow naturally.

Topical Research with Statistics

A well-written informative article MUST be factually accurate. When detailing statistics/surveys, evidence must be supplied from the author or link to external resources.

How to Submit Content

Visit our contact us page, follow us on social media and send us a message - simple.

Once we've conducted our vetting process - we may request the content to be written.


Kanteneo reserves the right to reject all content that it deems as breaking guidelines written here.