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How to increase traffic to your shopify store

It's fair to say you're here because you feel you've tried every tactic in the book to generate website traffic! Fear not, every shopify store owner, blogger, or general website owner goes through the same pain-staking process to figure out how to generate website traffic.

How to increase shopify traffic
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How to blog for business to get more sales and traffic

You may have read about blogging for money, which in turn triggers the desire to start a money making blog, BUT wait! All these blogs have one thing in common, products and services! the hooks to get you into blogging by selling the ideal dream does not work.

How to blog for business
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Customer Retention

5+ customer retention strategies to help increase revenue by 35%

Customer retention is a key focus area for all eCommerce retailers. Competition between brands is fierce and customer acquisition costs are rising. Keeping good relationships with current customers has never been so important. Following the listed customer retention strategies will help you increase revenue by 35%

Customer retention strategies
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15+ Dropshipping Mistakes To Avoid

Dropshipping, the gateway to the promised land, financial freedom, and a passive income stream, so you’ve heard, but like any business model, mistakes can force any online business to shut down - Stay ahead by avoiding common dropshipping mistakes

15+ Dropshipping Mistakes
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How to Add a Product to Shopify That Sells

In a world where products are the prime driver to earn money online, it can also go drastically wrong! Whether a physical product or dropshipped product, many new retailers seem to add less than desirable products and photos.

How To Add A Product To Shopify
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Shopify and Spotify helps artists drive sales to their shopify store

Shopify announces partnership with music streaming giant, Spotify. The new partnership allows Spotify artists to connect to their online store, allowing artists to sell products through the spotify app.

Shopify x Spotify
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