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Why we don't have a contact form

When offering free valuable information, it attracts the undesirables to flood our inbox, so we've purposely opted to be contacted over social media.

Fear not, we're very good at communication! Drop us a message at any time.

At Kanteneo, we pride ourselves on offering free valuable information in the form of blog posts to help nudge retailers in the right direction to increase revenue and traffic.

Outside of blogging, we’re also very good at understanding why customer retention, personalization, and building a brand, determines the success of eCommerce businesses around the world.

But what do we do? We’re building an innovative platform to allow retailers to leverage automated and personalized video on events.

Meaning, every time an order is placed, a product is added, a visitor subscribes, and much more, we send personalized videos direct to your customers' inbox.

Why? Times are changing, direct product marketing is coming to an end, ad prices are increasing at a staggering rate.

The day of focusing on personalization, and branding through video is here.

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