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Automated & Personalized Shopify Video App

We are Kanteneo, a Shopify Video App and blog, to help shopify store owners build an epic brand, build trust, increase revenue, and generate website traffic through the power of personalized video.
Kanteneo creates and sends personalized videos direct to your customers inbox!
We blog too! Our goal is to provide Shopify store owners the right information, at the right time to succeed.

What's the buzz? Watch the video!

Maximum Growth Through The Power Of Video!


Upload or choose from 10k free video templates


Upload or choose from 10k free images


Choose from 3k free audio files

AI driven campaign recommendations

KAI helps you decide campaigns for maximum ROI

Trigger videos on

New Order, New Product, Email Subscriber, Also Bought, Top Sellers, Low Stock, and much more.

Email Automation

Harness the power of email to send your videos with little effort.

Video Editor

A powerful but easy to use in-browser video editor.

Video Hub

A central hub to view all personalized dynamic videos created and sent.


We integrate with the most popular platforms - Shopify, Klaviyo, WooCommerce, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Reviews.io, and much more.

Save Time And Money With Kanteneo

We are phenominally ambitious, we're building a platform to help you succeed, and ultimately increase revenue.

Benefits you'll see using Kanteneo:

  • Saved Time
  • Customer Engagment
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased Revenue
  • Customer Loyalty

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Customer Retention

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Logging into Shopify as straightforward as may seem does seem to throw the proverbial curve ball for many. This is simply, and primarily due to creating an account, and understanding how to find your MyShopify sub-domain log in.
However, once you’ve understood the steps to log into Shopify, the rest is plain sailing.

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Whatever the challenge, We'll ensure you save time and money.

As we get closer to launching Kanteneo, we want you to be a part of our journey.

Get access to the free beta version when launched and have your say on features we build!

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