How to Add a Downloadable PDF to Shopify

Adding a downloadable PDF to your Shopify page is a question that is becoming highly sought after, and this really stems from the desire provide more detailed information to visitors.

A PDF is a great way to add more context to a page, and offers additional detail - whether that be:

  • A list of Ingredients
  • Product Instructions
  • Disclaimers
  • A free e-book
  • Guidelines
  • Tutorials

A PDF is an asset, and Shopify has a phenomenal asset management system that serves CSS, JS, Images, Zips, PDFs, and much more.

If you can upload an item, it generally means it can be accessed by the public - unless under lock and key! - typically system files and theme files cannot be accessed by the public.

It’s worth noting that Shopify does not have a storage limit, but! there is an upload limit! Each file cannot exceed 20mb.

The upload limit is large enough, but sometimes the need arises to upload larger files, in that scenario, the course of action would be to contact Shopify support or install an app to bypass the limit:

Shopify upload apps:

Swiftly moving on. Now we’ve understood “why, and the limits”, below you’ll find the steps on how to add a downloadble PDF.

How to Add a downloadable PDF

Step 1: Login

Navigate to your admin login page and log in.

Shopify Login

Step 2: Settings

Navigate to the left side panel, scroll to the settings button and click

Shopify settings button

Step 3: Files

After clicking settings, Find and click the files button.

Shopify store files

Step 4: Uploads

Click the upload files button

Shopify upload files button

Step 5: Upload PDF

Locate and select the pdf to upload.

Shopify pdf to upload

Step 6: Uploaded

After a few seconds the pdf should appear.

Click the file icon to confirm the correct pdf has been uploaded.

Shopify PDF uploaded

Step 7: PDF Link

Copy the link to the clipboard.

Shopify copy pdf link

Step 8: Online Store

With the PDF uploaded successfully and the pdf link copied, go back to the admin homepage and click "Online Store"

Shopify online store button

Step 9: Theme Customize

After clicking online store, find and click the theme customize button.

Shopify theme customize button

Step 10: Add Section

Choose a page to customize, in this example we've used the default - homepage.

Find and click the "add section" button

Shopify add theme section

Step 11: Image With Text

Locate and click "Image with text".

Shopify image with text

Step 12: Image With Text Fields

Fill in the required fields, but play close attention to "button label" and "button link". The button will not render without the "button label".

Copy the PDF link into the "button link" field.

Don't forget to click save!

Shopify button link field

Step 13: Sanity Check

Once you're happy, navigate to your store front to confirm changes by clicking the new button.

If you see the pdf in a browser tab...Congratulations!!!

Shopify pdf button

Step 14: The Result


Shopify downloadable PDF

The Takeaway

Adding a PDF typically implies more context, and this is great! Always strive to provide better information.

When you give more to your visitors, trust and authority begins to emerge. This will inevitably help with brand positioning, and more importantly, Sales!

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • The why, and the limits
  • Steps on how to add a downloadable PDF

What next:

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