How to Duplicate Shopify Theme in 5 Easy Steps

Duplicating a Shopify theme, or rather creating a backup of your Shopify theme has never been more important. The idea of introducing breaking changes by editing a live Shopify theme is a scary prospect, You should never edit a live theme without creating a duplicate first - especially if a Shopify store is generating revenue.

What could go wrong you ask:

  • Broken navigational points (links)
  • Broken CSS
  • Broken liquid functionality
  • JS bugs
  • Lost revenue
  • Loss of trust

In the world of code, the slightest mistake could have the biggest impact! And this is where you should always create a duplicate for code changes. This will allow you to test all changes thoroughly before publishing your duplicate theme to replace the live theme.

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Yes, absolutely. But it doesn't mean you should! You can run across a busy road with oncoming cars, but would you?

With the ability to create a duplicate of a Shopify theme to make changes, you don’t need to edit a live Shopify store.

Below we’ll cover how to duplicate your Shopify theme in 5 steps.

How to Duplicate a Shopify Theme


Step 1: Login

Navigate to your admin login page and log in.

Shopify Login

Step 2: Go to online

Find and click the "online store" button.

Shopify online store

Step 3: Go to Themes

Locate and click the themes button.

Shopify go to themes

Step 4: Go to actions > duplicate

Find and click "actions" on the desired theme, then click duplicate.

Shopify actions > duplicate

Step 5: Confirm theme duplicated

After clicking duplicate, confirm the theme has successfully duplicated.

Shopify theme successfully duplicated

The Takeaway

Because you can make edits to a live Shopify theme, it doesn't me you should! Always take the time to create a change flow. Never underestimate the need to create backups of your Shopify theme.

Introducing breaking changes to a revenue-generating Shopify store will have dire consequences - from losing trust to losing a sale.

Always create a backup of your Shopify theme, edit the code in the duplicate, test, do some more testing, and then finally publish the duplicate.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • Can you edit a live Shopify theme
  • How to duplicate a Shopify theme

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