How to Delete Images From Shopify Library In 5 Steps

Deleting images from your library in Shopify is another act of keeping your store clean and operationally efficient. Similar to deleting closed orders, you’ll want to ensure you have a fluent asset management process - It just makes life easier.

It’s worthwhile pointing out that once you delete an image or any other file from Shopify, it’s gone forever, and Shopify has no plans to change that functionality.

Where are image Files stored in Shopify?

All uploaded files are stored on the files page accessed from settings. This does not include product images, product images can be administered from the product page.

Shopify files page

Deleting Images from the Shopify Library


Step 1: Login

Navigate to your admin login page and login to Shopify.

Shopify Login

Step 2: Go to settings

Navigate to the settings page.

Shopify go to settings

Step 3: Go to files

Locate and click the files button.

Shopify go to files

Step 4: Select image and delete

Select the image in which you want to delete, and click delete.

Shopify select file to delete

Step 5: Confirm file delete

Click the final file delete button.

Shopify confirm file delete

To note, you can select all images by checking the checkbox above the image listings. This will only work per page.

Shopify selecting multiple files to delete

You can also filter by:

  • File size
  • File type
  • Name

When dealing with a large collection of files, it’s best to use the filtering feature, this will limit the results returned, and make deleting files from the Shopify library a lot faster. Time is money!

Shopify filtering files to delete

The Takeaway

Deleting images from the Shopify library ideally should be performed on a 6 monthly cycle. Keeping a clean, efficient store makes your life easier and instills a great work ethic.

If the idea of files being gone forever is a concern, simply just download, or rather create a backup and store them locally on your desktop. The art of performing regular backups will only serve to reinforce a fault-tolerant process - even the giants have technical issues!

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • Where image files are stored in Shopify
  • How to delete images from Shopify library

What next:

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