How to Delete Orders on Shopify In 5 Steps

With vast amounts of information coming into your store from live orders or performing test orders, it's essential to do a little spring cleaning from time, to time. Deleting live orders and test orders becomes essential, especially from a usability and management perspective.

When you delete an order it is removed from your dashboard but not from Shopify. Shopify archives deleted orders for tax purposes, whilst they won't be visible to you, Shopify retains a copy.

To note, you can only delete orders that are closed, it doesn't make sense to delete an order that's not fulfilled, right? and if you've landed here because you want to learn how to delete test orders in shopify, you'll be pleased to know it's exactly the same process as deleting live orders.

It's also worth mentioning that deleting an order does not remove customer information, only the order associated with the customer.

Below we’ll cover how to delete Shopify orders in 5 easy to follow steps.

Deleting Shopify Orders


Step 1: Login

Navigate to your admin login page and log in.

Shopify Login

Step 2: Go to orders

Navigate to the orders page.

Shopify go to orders

Step 3: Go to closed orders

Locate and click the closed orders button.

Shopify go to closed orders

Step 4: Select order and delete

Select the order in which you want to delete, locate the delete button and click.

Shopify select order to delete

Step 5: Confirm delete

Click the final delete button to confirm deletion.

Confirm delete Shopify order

Always maintain your stores' data, remove and clean whenever possible, this will allow you to keep your operations slick and efficient. Theres nothing worst than working in a dirty environment - virtual or not.

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The Takeaway

Deleting orders on Shopify should be a quarterly process to ensure you have a clean, usable interface to administer orders.

Deleting an order from Shopify also becomes a necessity when performing test orders on Shopify. Whenever your testing flows and orders, it’s always a good idea to remove test data to be able to distinguish between dummy date and production data.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • How to delete orders on Shopify

What next:

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