How to Get Easy Backlinks The Right Way

With a growing number of scam services, it's no surprise that many new website owners struggle with the concept of how, and where to create quality backlinks - but it can be simple to get easy backlinks, simply by leveraging brand, social, and profile backlinks.

It's worth pointing out that not all links are equal - submitting your site to questionable directories/link farms will only harm your link building efforts in the future. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to create an account on social media that links back to your site. This is not deemed as a "black-hat SEO" tactic. Adding links to comments, forums, testimonials, just for the purpose of creating a backlink is a process that Kanteneo does not advocate.

Creating links in a natural flow that enhances product offering and provides value will always be the best backlink strategy.

Good examples:

  • Creating a profile on to add canonical content
  • Posting content on Pinterest that links back to the blog post
  • Submitting business/site details to reputable local directories
  • Using outreach services
  • Guest posting

Bad examples:

  • Spamming comments
  • Buying irrelevant links from cheap services
  • Using link farm directories(example:
  • Spamming testimonials
  • Spamming forums

Like all free information that exposes a cheat sheet on easy backlinks, it's not "one size fit's all"! Below you'll find 140+ services/brands with some allowing profile creation with a field to add your domain.

Choose the services that align with your website, fill in all forms, and connect with your social media accounts.

When creating profile accounts be sure to provide value, whether that be Medium, Pinterest, Moz, or Scribd. It's worthwhile providing value on each platform to increase your audience.

Before moving onto the 140+ easy backlink opportunities, let's recap on what is a backlink, and why backlinks are important.

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1, What Is A Backlink?

A backlink is a link from a website to yours. Major search engines use backlinks as a primary factor to determine whether your site is trustworthy or not. As one of the primary factors, it is deemed as the holy grail to improve rankings, but not all are equal! Generating low-quality backlinks will harm your site’s authority, and ranking - In a worst-case scenario penalizing your site’s rankings, or worst de-indexation!

1.1, What Are Inbound Links?

An inbound link is a link coming from another website, the more quality inbound links obtained, the more a website becomes authoritative, usually improving DA/DR and rankings.

1.2, What Are Outbound Links?

Outbound links are typically the links where the website links to "outside" resources, usually products, services, and/or accreditation.

2, Why Are Backlinks Important?

Like everything in life, admittedly not always ideal, but nonetheless, popularity, and authority plays a huge role in life, and search engines.

Backlinks play a role in determining whether a site is of value, meaning a site of value will ultimately increase in rankings, thus sending thousands, upon of thousands of targeted traffic.

The increase in traffic typically means more money! The sole reason to rank high is to get leads and more money!

If the above paragraph does not highlight the importance of a backlink - let’s assume you’ve just launched a new business, Google sees your site, but it’s not sending organic traffic, sure you could spend a lot of money on ads and create content on social media, but what happens when funds dry up because you’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time on short-lived content?

Focusing on real, and valuable content generates backlinks. Quality backlinks increase authority, authority increases rankings, ranking increases traffic, traffic increases sales and leads.

Focusing on quality backlinks will help drive your business in the right direction.

To find out more about Google ranking factors check out 200 factors by backlinko

"Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a "vote of confidence" from one site to another. In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. If many sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines can infer that content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth surfacing on a SERP. So, earning these backlinks can have a positive effect on a site's ranking position or search visibility." - Source Moz

3, How Are Backlinks Earned?

1, Natural Links… natural, natural
Links earned with zero effort by the website owner. Simply put, the rest of the world sees your content as link-worthy. Whilst no easy feat, this is typically achieved by creating phenomenal content, either a blog post, infographic, or video. Providing real value often gets linked to.

2, Black-hat tactics
This must be avoided at all costs, you may see your DR on ahrefs improve, but in the future will harm your SEO efforts.

Common black-hat tactics:

  • Obtaining links through spammy comments
  • Using links farms, or link directories
  • Purchasing irrelevant links

3, Manual links
A manual link is what most will be familiar with, and is common throughout SEO agencies. The means of a manual link is achieved by guest posting, creating relevant social/brand profiles, and asking relevant content creators to link to your site.

4, Backlinks To Avoid

Because you can, doesn’t mean you should! After all, if your content/website covers clothing, why would you want to be linked from a site promoting camels?

Whilst it's perfectly acceptable to be linked from directories, socials, brands, and media outlets, however, you most certainly should avoid link grabbing (accepting any and all).

In most cases, you’ll want to avoid sites that have zero authority (DA 0, DR 0).

Most common links to avoid:

  • Link farms
  • Links from sites with inappropriate material
  • PBN links
  • Off-topic links
  • Unmaintained directory links
  • Links from dead sites

5, Can You Buy Links?

Whilst a controversial topic, the answer is yes! But proceed with caution. For context, let’s assume you’ve found a top-rated directory, to add your business, which in turn links back to your website, but it has a fee associated with signing up?

You run a blog, and you want to add your site to Blogarama? Blogarama is stated to be the oldest blog directory in existence. Whilst, adding your website is free, it can take months to be approved, paying to be approved is an option, thus paying for a link back to your website?

Also, you may opt to pay a company to create content, outreach to related companies, and guest post?

It’s all buying links to some degree and is deemed acceptable. However, you must avoid shady services offering small fees to generate hundreds of backlinks! This will only serve to harm you in the future. Backlinks that add zero weight should be removed.

Google guide to disavow links:

6, How To Get Backlinks Fast

Unfortunately, creating quality backlinks is a long, slow process, and may take months to create professional relationships to leverage reciprocal links.

However, there are a few approaches to speed up the process:

  • Create awesome infographics
  • Guest post
  • Submit to well-known safe directories
  • Social/Brand accounts

Below you'll find over 140 backlink opportunities, but before going crazy signing up, always have a strategy in mind, and focus on what's right and relevant to improve your ranking.

6.1, Social/Brand Profile Account Links

6.3, Guest Post Opportunity Links

Guest posting can be time-consuming, but it's not difficult, take the time to evaluate options. Google the below to highlight potential opportunities:

  • "Industry" submit guest post
  • "Industry" submit article
  • "Industry" guest blog
  • "Industry" Write for us

"Guest blogging offers a number of benefits for any business. By sharing your expertise on other companies’ websites, you can establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other thought leaders in your field and expose your brand to an entirely new audience." - Source NewBreed

6.4, Directories And Business Profile Account Links

6.5, RSS Feeds

Do not underestimate the power of an RSS feed! Whilst it may appear to be a fruitless adventure, it can have a huge impact on backlinks, and data aggregation services/tools.

Google Feedburner, in our opinion allows us to easily integrate with external services, and acquire a backlink per page in 2-3 days.

To note: whilst the backlink is not strictly related to your page, it will most certainly give your page a little nudge in the right direction.

Google Feedburner backlink on AHREFs

7, Indirect Backlinks

The need to get your content seen to acquire those precious natural backlinks has never been more important. Let's face it, if your content has zero visability, how can you possibly improve your backlink profile?!

Indirect backlinks refers to using a service that indirectly results in one or more backlinks with zero intention.

7.1, Quuu Promote

As with any new content, it's important to promote to improve backlinks - which ultimately increases rankings.

One of "Googles" ranking factors is social signals, which alludes to social proof, and more importantly, "who's sharing your content?".

Well, meet Quuu Promote! An automated service that utilizes an RSS feed to share content with content publishers. Those content publishers will then promote on social media.

After a few weeks of using Quuu Promote, we noted our backlinks increased by 3%.

Quuu Promote Quuu Promote

The Takeaway

Whilst many fear identifying a backlink strategy, it's truly not difficult, in most cases link-building appears to be a stress factor when building a new website/service. Take the time to understand what service compliments your offering. I.E links from Pinterest, when active on Pinterest. Submitting open-source projects to GitHub. Creating canonical content on medium. Once a strategy has been defined, go create those accounts, be active, and most importantly engage.

As quality content grows, social profiles begin to grow, which ultimately increases backlinks.

Once you have exhausted all avenues to get initial link juice, it’s vital to start creating killer content.

To summarize, we've briefly covered:

  • What is a backlink
  • Why backlinks are important
  • Backlinks to avoid
  • How to get backlinks fast
  • Using paid services

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