Can I Add My Own Products to Shopify?

Yes, you can add your own products to Shopify. You can manually add products one-by-one, or use a third-party app to bulk import products. You can also use an app to add or update products from a CSV file automatically.

While adding a product to Shopify is easy, it should not go without thought. Spend the time to understand what makes the perfect product shot.

We’ve created a walkthrough guide on: how to add a product to Shopify the right way.

Using your own products signifies that you’ve done your research, you’ve validated the demand and you’re not dropshipping. If that’s the case, also spend the time to understand social proof and the many aspects of marketing.

Getting the core elements of an eCommerce business correct the first time around will ensure you hit the ground running with fewer issues.

A few tips:

  • Take awesome product shots
  • Use a killer theme
  • Define a marketing strategy
  • Define a content strategy
  • Focus on the customer journey
  • Be transparent with shipping
  • Create an awesome customer service process
  • Use automation where it makes sense (to save time)

The Takeaway

Adding your own products to Shopify was the initial feature set and the primary focus. But like any tool, it can be used in a few ways to build an eCommerce business. I.E dropshipping, digital products, and amazon products.

Be sure to understand that it is more than just adding a product. Like any business, you’re going to need to understand that marketing plays a huge role in securing your first few orders.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • Can I add my own products on Shopify?

What next:

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