How to Hide Products on Shopify in 4 Steps

The chances are after a period of time that you may encounter the need to hide products on Shopify, whether that be due to being sold out, or temporarily discontinued.

Recently many new Shopify retailers appear to delete the product rather than simply making them unavailable.

Below we’ll cover the steps on how to hide a single product, and more importantly, for ease of use, how to hide all products on Shopify.

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How to Hide a Product on Shopify

Step 1: Products Page

Go to the products page and select a product to edit.

Shopify go to the products page

Step 2: Manage Sales Channel and Apps

Once on the product page, locate and click "manage" under sales channels and apps.

Shopify click manage under sales channels and apps

Step 3: Edit Sales Channel and Apps

Here you'll need to uncheck any channel or app where your product is sold.

Once you've unchecked the desired checkboxes, you'll need to click "done", followed by "save".

Shopify uncheck sales channels and apps

Congratulations, you've just hidden a product, but in some cases a batch opertation will be required.

The last thing we want to do in a thriving business is spend hours on repetitive tasks. Time is money!

Below we'll cover how to hide multiple products.

How to Hide All Products on Shopify

Assuming we're following on from the previous steps, and your currently on the all products page.

Step 1: Select All Products

On this page you'll need to "check" the checkbox above the first product.

If done correctly you'll, see the checkbox for all products "checked".

Shopify select all product via the checkbox

Step 2: More Actions

Once all the products have been selected (checked), click "more actions". Within the dropdown that appears, click "remove available channel(s)".

To reiterate, an available channel or app, is where your product is listed, or rather being sold.

Shopify remove products from available channels

Step 3: Confirm Success

As this a quick action, I.E a batch process, you will not need to click the save button..

However, you should see a popup notification confirming that the action was complete. If you see the "Product(s) made unvailable" notification, your work is done.

Shopify confirmed products removed from available channels

The Takeaway

Knowing how to hide a product in Shopify is a simple straightforward 4 step process, thus you do not need to succumb to bad practices.

If you need to retain the product details, or flag a product as discontinued, do not delete!.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • How to hide products on Shopify

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