How to Change Collection URL in Shopify

From time to time you may question how to change the collection URL in Shopify for SEO purposes, or to keep the url structure inline with the rest of your Shopify store.

However, when making significant changes, always consider the ramifications. Below you’ll find 5 steps to guide you through changing the collection url, and a brief summary of the SEO impact.

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1, SEO Impact When Changing the Collection URL

It’s extremely important to note that if your collection url is ranking, and you decide to change the url, this will cause a drop in rankings, if not, obliterate.

For example: If your collection URL targets “best-tshirts” and is ranking, changing to “affordable-tshirts”, will see your rankings plummet for “best-tshirts”.

When creating a page in Shopify, always plan for the end goal, and more importantly, how you can get visitors to the page.

Success does not come from creating a store, but how you drive traffic and market the store - Learn how to increase traffic to your Shopify store.

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As, we’ve said throughout many articles, always plan. SEO should be at the forefront of every page created. Too many stores fail within the first few months.

Spy on your competitors, understand what works for them - use SEMRush to find golden keywords, and low-hanging fruit keywords.

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2, How to Change The Collection URL

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Navigate to your admin login page and log into Shopify.

Shopify Login

Step 1: Products

Navigate to the left side panel, scroll to the products button and click.

Shopify Products button

Step 2: Collections

When clicking products a sub-navigation should appear. Locate and click "collections".

Shopify collections button

Step 3: Select Collection

Click the collection you wish to edit.

Shopify collection button

Step 4: Search Engine Settings

Locate Search engine preview and click "Edit website SEO"

Shopify edit website SEO

Step 5: Edit SEO Fields

Locate the page title, URL handle and rename accordingly. Once complete, click "save".

Shopify edit website seo new


Confirm changes by navigating to your store and selecting the collection.

The new url structure will be visible in the browser address bar.

Successfully changed Shopify store name

The Takeaway

Whilst changing the collection URL is only a few steps, it can present major issues if you do not think about the end goal - Ranking collection URLs!

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • SEO Impact when changing the collection url
  • How to change the collection URL

What next:

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