Can I Cancel My Shopify Plan At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Shopify plan at any time. however, depending upon the plan you choose and the time in which you cancel it, there may be some considerations to think about and associated fees.

If you cancel your Shopify plan within the free trial period, then there is no fee or penalty that you will need to pay. However, if you choose to cancel your plan after the free trial period is up, then you may be subject to a cancellation fee that is based upon the amount of the plan you had selected. The more expensive the plan, the higher the cancellation fee that may apply. If you choose to close down your Shopify store, no matter when you do it, you will be responsible for any outstanding bills or outstanding fees that have yet to be paid.

Once you have decided to cancel your Shopify plan and you have been charged a cancellation fee if necessary, you will need to contact Shopify support in order to have your subscription cancelled. As part of their cancellation process, they may offer insight into why your subscription was terminated so that you and your team can gain insights to guide future decisions. All payment data and any personal information you have provided to Shopify will then be removed and your store will be closed. Any orders, products, or other content contained within your store will also be fully removed, so be sure to save any valuable data before cancelling your Shopify plan.

When cancelling your Shopify subscription, it is important that you clearly understand all of the terms and conditions, as well as the associated fees. By understanding these conditions and fees, you can make sure you get the most out of your Shopify plan, while still avoiding any unnecessary fees.

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The Takeaway

Shopify's financial terms are month-to-month with no contract, so you are free to discontinue your subscription (or upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan) whenever you wish. To cancel your Shopify plan: (1) Log in to your Shopify admin and (2) go to the 'Settings' menu on the left side panel, (3) and select the ‘Plan and account’ tab. (4) From there, you can select 'Change plan' and select the 'Cancel plan' option. Shopify's customer service team is also available to assist you every step of the way. Once the cancellation process is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of this for your records. Note that although your plan is canceled, certain features of the platform may be available to you even after you cancel. For example, if you are on the Shopify Plan, you will still have access to the Shopify blog and Shopify's help desk support.

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