Can I Change The Order Number Of An Order Shopify?

Yes, you can change the order number of an order in Shopify. You can do this by navigating to the ‘Orders’ tab in the left navigation menu of the Shopify admin panel. Once you open an order, at the bottom of the page you will find the Order details section. Here, click on the “Edit” icon besides the Order number line. There you can change the order number to any alphabet and/or numeric combination that you like.

When changing the order number, Shopify also allows you to add a Note which will appear in the Order edit page. This note is a great place to make notes that can help you to recognize the order in the future. You can add information like, why you changed the order number, who changed it, and the old and new order numbers.

If there is already a fulfilled order with that new order number, Shopify will inform you and you will not be able to save the new order number. This is to make sure that no two orders have the same order number and hence it prevents confusion within your shop.

Apart from changing the order number of the order, you can also change the fulfillment status, payment status, customer email address, order comments, shipping details and even the order item details from this page. You can add, edit, remove or refund any items involved in that order. Once you are done with the changes, click on 'Save' to confirm your changes.

It is important to note that changing the order number of an order will not affect the order in any way. It will not cancel the order, nor it will change the order's associated shipping address, customer or payment methods. It will also not affect any associated billing/ shipping arrangements.

In short, Shopify allows you to easily edit the order number of an order, while also ensuring that any other details associated with the order remain the same.

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The Takeaway

If you need to change the order number of an order in Shopify, it is possible to do so. Shopify is an online eCommerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage their own online stores. To change an order number in Shopify, you first need to open the order details page. Once there, hover over the order number to be changed and select the ‘Change’ button from the dropdown list. You can then type in the new order number of your choice directly into the order details page. After you have made the changes, select the 'Save' option. The new order number will automatically be applied to the order.

When making changes to the order number, it is important to remember that if any other part of the order is changed, then the order number will reset to the default setting of Shopify. The order number is an important detail in Shopify as it can help to easily identify an order and give customers an easier way to track their orders. One of the main advantages of Shopify is the ability to easily manage orders, including the ability to change the order number. It is important to note that by making this change, it will only affect Shopify, and the customer’s original order number will remain unchanged on other platforms.

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