Can I Create A Store On Shopify For Free?

Creating a store on Shopify for free is possible with a free trial. It's important to note, it is a trial, so therefore you'll eventually need to pay.

If you sign up for a free trial on Shopify, you'll gain access to the basic features of the software. This includes a custom domain, the drag-and-drop site builder, payment processing, basic reporting, and product and inventory management.

You can also connect to a third-party marketplace like eBay, and integrate social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram for further marketing.

Furthermore, you'll be able to add several staff members to your business to help you set up.

However, if you're looking to make a serious business out of Shopify, free may not be the best option. The free version is limited in terms of payment gateways and customer support, as well as the discounts, offers, and promotions you can offer customers if you choose the paid subscription. You also won't be able to utilize shipping zones, take advantage of abandoned cart recovery, or access the customer accounts feature. The free variety of the software also lacks the Shopify POS feature, which many small business owners often need to efficiently manage their store.

Other downsides to running a store on Shopify for free include caps to the number of products you're allowed to store on the platform, limited technical support like bug reporting and access to Shopify experts, and branding on your pages that says "Powered by Shopify." Furthermore, you won't have access to detailed analytics and reporting which is vital if you're looking to understand customer behaviour.

Overall, running a store on Shopify for free is a viable option if you're just starting out or if you're looking to get a test run of the software. However, if you're looking to gain full access to the platform and all that it has to offer, you should consider upgrading to the paid version of Shopify.

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The Takeaway

Many of Shopify's plans involve a monthly fee, but customers can also take advantage of a free trial that allows them to build their own store and test out the Shopify platform. During the free trial period, customers have full access to all of the features offered through Shopify, including creating and customizing their storefronts, integrating their payment systems, designing their digital stores and lists, and more. After the free trial is complete, customers can choose the Shopify plan that best meets their needs.

Overall, Shopify offers customers an easy way to create their own digital store and make their products and services available online. With features like a free 14-day trial, customers can create a store on Shopify for free and use all of the features that the platform offers. This gives businesses the opportunity to experiment with the platform and decide what kind of plan works best for their needs.

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