Can I Hide Prices On Shopify?

Yes, you can hide prices on Shopify.

Hiding prices can be a useful tool for shop owners looking to provide a better customer experience, control pricing, or comply with regulations related to certain products.

The ability to hide prices allows retailers to present their products without displaying the actual cost, making it easier for customers to explores new items without worrying about their budget.

This functionality is especially useful when retailing items at higher end price points, as customers are more likely to peruse when there is no price labeled to an item that could be considered out of their price range.

Additionally, customers are more likely to purchase if they feel good about the deal they are getting and can leave to comparison shop without feeling pressured by retailers suggesting an increased price.

Another reason to hide prices on Shopify is to control pricing.

This could be done through the use of an on-page form, with the user entering in their credentials to confirm the true price and gain access to purchase the item.

This could be used to show different prices to different users or geographic regions, allowing shop owners to maintain competitive pricing.

Finally, retailers can employ a pricing action to hide prices in order to comply with regulations on certain products.

For example, if a shopowner is selling firearms or alcohol, it is often illegal to advertise pricing for these items in certain states, and the ability to hide prices could be a useful function for these retailers to keep up with the changing regulations.

Hiding prices on Shopify is a useful tool that can give retailers more flexibility when advertising product pricing.

Shop owners can utilize this strategic opportunity to get creative with the way they present pricing to customers, optimize the customer experience, and keep up with changing regulations.

You have two options to hide product prices:

1, using an app:

2, editing code to hide product prices:

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The Takeaway

One of the questions many store owners ask is whether they can hide the prices on their Shopify store.

The answer is yes - store owners have primarily two options available to them when it comes to hiding the prices on their Shopify store.

One option as stated above is to use an app: Hide Prices & Add to Cart.

This app allows store owners to hide the prices from their product pages.

The customer will then be able to add the product to their cart without ever seeing the price.

This allows the store owner to determine the cost of each product on an individual basis, which can be useful for a variety of reasons.

Another solution is to edit a Shopify theme code that supports pricing flexibility.

This feature allows store owners to hide the prices on their product pages and link the cart to an ask for a quote page.

This way, store owners are able to generate customized quotes for their customers based on their individual needs and requirements.

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