Can I Use My Logo On Shopify?

Yes, you can use your logo on Shopify.

There are several ways to add a logo to your Shopify store to make it look professional and reflect your brand identity.

To add your logo to your Shopify store, first log in to your Shopify admin.

Once logged in, the first thing you should do is add your logo to the ‘Settings’ page.

On this page, you’ll find an option to upload or select an existing logo from your computer.

Choose the file you want to use as your logo and click ‘Save’ to upload the logo.

Next, you’ll need to add the logo to each page you would like to have it displayed.

To do this, go to the page you want to add the logo to and click on the ‘Edit page content’ option on the left sidebar.

On the page you can click on the plus button and choose the ‘Image’ option, which will allow you to upload the logo.

Make sure to click the ‘Align left’ option so the logo appears next to the other contents of the page.

Once your logo is added to the page, you can also add it to your emails.

This is done by going to the ‘Email’ tab in your Shopify dashboard and clicking on the ‘Customize template’ option.

On this page, you can drag and drop your logo onto the template.

This will add the logo to all emails sent from the store.

Finally, you can also add your logo to the website’s favicon.

The favicon is a small icon that appears in the address bar next to the URL of your website.

It will help your customers recognize your store easily.

To do this, go to the ‘Settings’ page and click on ‘Favicon’.

Here you can upload the file you want to use as a favicon and save the changes.

This way, you’ll have a customized favicon with your logo.

By following these steps, you can customize your Shopify store and give it a more professional look by adding your logo to all the pages.

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The Takeaway

Using a logo in your Shopify store is a great way to establish your company's identity and stand out from competitors.

Shopify supports both custom and third-party logos, with various guidelines for each.

For custom logos, Shopify's recommended design size and format is 250 x 100 pixels, which is best suited for the web.

You can also upload larger images, which Shopify will then compress to fit within the store’s preferred size.

The logo can be in either JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

Additionally, you can create a favicon, which is a tiny logo that appears in the browser tab.

When using third-party logos, always adhere to the guidelines of the specific service.

In addition, be sure to read any usage terms to avoid copyright infringement.

You should also make sure to link back to the original source.

With the right logo and images, you can create a strong visual identity and give your store a unique feel.

Shopify allows you to use both custom and third-party logos, giving you the flexibility to display the right type of logo for your business.

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