Can I Use Oberlo Without Shopify?

Yes, you can use Oberlo without Shopify.

Oberlo is a dropshipping app that enables you to easily import products into your store from AliExpress and manage orders with a few clicks.

It was originally created as an add-on app for Shopify, but it works just as well without Shopify.

Here is how you can use Oberlo without Shopify.

First, create an account on Oberlo.

This gives you access to the dashboard and allows you to search through hundreds of thousands of products from AliExpress.

You can also add multiple suppliers to your account and set alerts when a product is out of stock or back in stock, allowing you to restock automatically.

Once you’ve found the products you want to add to your store, you’ll need to set up payment processing.

This is where Oberlo comes in handy as it enables you to process payments through PayPal and Stripe without any additional coding or payment processors.

Now all that’s left is to manage your orders.

Through Oberlo, you can view your customer’s orders, process payments, and even communicate with your customers directly from the dashboard.

You’ll also be able to track orders, apply discounts, and manage inventory levels to make sure you don’t run out of popular items.

Finally, you’ll need to integrate Oberlo with your existing website or store.

This can be done with a few lines of code, so it’s easy to do even if you’re not a web developer.

In summary, you can use Oberlo without Shopify to manage your dropshipping business.

All you need is an account with Oberlo, the ability to set up payment processing, and integration with your website or store.

With Oberlo, you can easily manage orders, process payments, track inventory levels, communicate with customers, apply discounts, and more.

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The Takeaway

Oberlo is an online dropshipping platform that helps make online selling easier.

It can be used to find and list products and is best known for providing a simple way for Shopify merchants to dropship products.

But what many people may not realise is that it can be used without Shopify.

Oberlo has features that allow you to upload, list, and manage products.

It also contains analytics to track product performance and pricing, which is helpful for setting and monitoring profit margins.

Oberlo even includes a messaging system that allows you to communicate with customers to answer their questions or provide product updates.

Integrations with payment processors provide a simple way to process orders, and Oberlo integrates with ShippingEasy and Postmates to make shipping easy.

Additionally, Oberlo’s supply chain automates many processes, allowing other online store owners to access products more quickly, and helping Oberlo users book cheaper shipping for international orders.

By using Oberlo's built-in features, online store owners can easily tap into the dropshipping market without having to use Shopify.

Those looking to break into the world of online selling can make use of Oberlo’s automated workflows, product tracking analytics, and more, to better understand the entire process from start to finish.

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