Can You Make Money Selling Shopify Themes?

Yes, you can make money selling Shopify themes. In fact, you can make an extraordinary amount of money if you work hard.

The demand to make money online is at an all-time high, but more often than not, most entrepreneurs fail within the first 3 years. By and large, this is simply due to the lack of knowledge about marketing.

You can build an absolutely phenomenal Shopify theme, but if no one knows about it, it would be like trying to sell a Shopify theme to a friend who simply doesn't care.

Whilst you can make money selling Shopify themes, you’ll first need to evaluate your front-end skills, not to mention your liquid skills.

If you’re satisfied that your skills are on point, you’ll need to look into the demand. I.E why would someone buy your theme over what exists, how can you build a better theme than the established Shopify builders?

Once you’ve established that your skills and demand looks promising, you’ll need to consider how you're going to market your Shopify themes. Are you going to start blogging? Are you going to use social ads? Or are simply going to upload them to ThemeForest and the likes?

If you feel you’ve understood all of what it takes to sell a Shopify theme, then really it’s understanding how much money can make selling a Shopify theme. Let’s look at the highest-performing Shopify theme on ThemeForest - Ella.

Ella is the best-selling Shopify theme on ThemeForest, and it’s currently made $30.5k in sales in a semi-passive manner. We say semi-passive because themes will still need to undergo maintenance, a periodic process to ensure standards are kept up-to-date, and the theme adheres to any changes that Shopify releases.

Let’s take a quick peek at other Shopify themes:

  • Kalles: $11.9k
  • Minimog: $7.1k
  • Wokiee: $22.4k

With the above in mind, you could easily build a small Shopify theme empire. You just need to put in the work and build awesome compliant themes.

The Takeaway

Building and selling Shopify themes can be done, in fact, you could make a fortune, but this will come with an extraordinary amount of work on your part. You’ll need to factor in three distinct areas to be successful:

  • Skills
  • Demand
  • Marketing

If you can get the above right, there's not stopping you.

To summarize we've briefly covered:

  • Can you make money selling Shopify themes?

What next:

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